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Our Sports Performance Program has been designed from the ground up to take you to the next level, whether you’re just going into high school or about to play in college. 

From day one, you will be given exactly what you need to get results as quickly as possible.

Unlike other programs where kids are left to learn on their own, we make sure every athlete gets the individual attention they need to master these skills and get the most benefit.

With our Sports Performance Program, you will head into your next season a completely different athlete – better prepared, more confident, and ready to dominate.


The Elite 4 Pillar System  

Our Sports Performance Programs is very comprehensive and consists of 4 key areas, also known as our Elite 4 Pillar System – Mindset, Nutrition, Training, Recovery. 


Our Comprehensive 4 Pillar System is scientifically backed and made up of the following components:


1. Nutrition Guidance and Meal Plans: We develop a nutritional game plan that helps to fuel, recover, grow, and improve overall health. Weekly meal plans are included for the whole family!
2. Supplementation Guidance: To fill in any nutritional voids as well as to add convenience
3. Speed/Agility Training: Develop blazing speed and change of direction to blow past your defenders
4. Strength/Power Training: Improving explosive power so you can dominate your competition
5. Recovery and Injury Prevention: Reduce risk for injury and enhance recovery process, we think of it as "bullet-proofing" our athletes
6. Mindset Development: Build confidence, develop mental toughness, as well as set goals and vision.  Ultimately, we look to create Leaders.
7. Coaching: Providing knowledge, support, and accountability for athlete. We give all our athletes 24/7 access to the Elite Coaching Staff outside of the gym for guidance, questions, and help.

At Elite, we pride ourselves on being more than just a "gym". Ultimately it is our mission is to provide the most comprehensive programs and coaching in the area that develop Elite Athletes and Strong Leaders – both on and off the field.

​athletes ARE SAYING...



The training style adapted by Elite Sports Performance is far more advanced than anything else I have ever experienced in a professional setting. Bobby has combined his unique experiences to form a truly advanced training model, meshing together aspects from his own playing experiences, years of real world, "under the bar" training along with a strong foundation in scientific research and study.
Bobby's “hybrid” 4 Pillar System pairs the latest, most-proven training techniques and injury prevention with a truly enthusiastic, no-nonsense environment, creating an absolutely unparalleled training experience. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Bobby on many performance-based research projects, and I can say, without hesitation, that he is a master of his field.

​Elite is truly ahead of their time and the results are beginning to speak for themselves. I look forward to continuing a professional relationship with Elite for years to come."

- Dr. Corey A. Peacock  PHD, CSCS, ACSM-CPT

  Assistant professor exercise physiology

"The advancements that Bobby has made with his client population is astounding! He possesses a diverse and strong understanding of the biomechanical aspect of strength training and also offer the nutritional coaching that is necessary for improved health and wellness, which is exceedingly important for individuals today.

In addition, Bobby and his team are continually improving themselves with various certifications so their clientele can achieve goals faster. Goal achievement is what individuals strive for, and Elite Sports Performance gets results!" 

- Dr. Paul Orovets, D.P.T

Physical Therapist


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“Before Elite I was a slightly above average athlete. Within a year I was an all-conference and all-county football player and an all-Ohio track athlete. I attribute these athletic success mostly to Elite.

​Before Elite I never planned to play college sports, but after achieving my athletic potential at Elite I realized I would be able to play college sports. I ended up choosing a school where I could continue to pursue my passion for football and track as well as get an excellent education.

I consider Team Elite and members of Elite my second family.”

-Zak Hurd

Football and Track - Case Western Reserve

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"My first season of wrestling after Elite was a very successful one and it gave me the confidence to realize my full potential as a wrestler.  The college letters started rolling in and eventually I decided to further my athletic career as a division-one wrestler.  I credit a lot of my success to Elite because I have never experienced another gym that gives the unique training like they do."

- Alec Schenk
Wrestler - Duke University

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"Before finding Elite, I was mentally weak - I did not have the confidence on the field which negatively affected me. Training at Elite has been an awesome experience as it has allowed me to become both mentally and physically stronger.
I've now adopted a mindset of never wanting to settle and always strive to get better. I look forward to going to Elite and I get chills when I think about how much better I am getting each and every time I train."
- Tayler Sbrocco
Softball - Otterbein University


​"The change I have seen in Alec on the wrestling mat, physically especially, and mentally are very evident. Other coaches and parents from other teams have come up to me and said that he is physically much stronger and has much more speed than before.

Thank you guys for everything you are doing with Alec. He loves coming there. He has high goals for himself this upcoming post-season by placing high in the state tournament. At the pace he has been going, I don't see why he won't achieve his goal."

- Rob schenk
Parent of collegiate and high school wrestlers

​"Since joining Elite, my boys have shown tremendous improvement in strength, speed, injury prevention, and overall performance in their individual sports. Bobby has created personalized training routines that fit their sport’s performance needs whether it is in-season or off-season. The high level of motivation and individualized attention produces very effective results. There is also a nutritional coaching aspect that Bobby conveys to complete their training philosophy. In the end, the boys love going to the gym and working hard with these guys."

-Bruce hurd
Parent of collegiate football and track athlete


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