Athletes Improving Change of Direction and Hip Control

🔥 #eliteathletes working to improve their RAPID COD (Change of Direction) with an emphasis on HIP CONTROL

If you're looking to DOMINATE your sport, then learning how to start and stop QUICKLY is imperative!

What many coaches fail to do when implementing speed and agility training is to actually COACH their athletes on how to move correctly to improve efficiency (no wasted movements that slow you down).

Rather than run athletes through a ton of drills with no coaching, only to tire them out, slow things down and take the time to teach your athletes to move well. Once they are moving well, then you can speed things up.

Speed, Agility and Acceleration training is all about 💯 QUALITY and not QUANTITY.

You will very rarely ever be perfect, but always aim for progress with every session

1% better every day