Elite Coffee


We now serve Grounds for Change organic coffee at Elite! This coffee is not only organic, but shade grown, fair trade, and carbon free – ensuring you are receiving the highest quality around. Coffee provides lots of anti-oxidants and is a great way to add a little “spark” to get you going. Always opt for organic coffee to avoid the pesticides.

We also allow our members to place a monthly order with  Grounds for Change  - allowing you to bring this healthy coffee to your home! All you have to do is place your order in the form below:

We will then follow up with you to set up payment and inform you of when your coffee is in!

Also, be sure to check out our healthy coffee tips article for some healthy tips!


Please fill out the form below to place your coffee and/or tea order. Please refer to the coffee and tea list below to see what types we offer!

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Regular coffee and coffee blends (12 oz bags) - $14

  • Classic espresso

  • Obsidian espresso

  • Dolce espresso

  • Solstice blend

  • Seabrook blend

  • Equinox blend

  • Agate pass blend

  • Nordic blend

  • French roast

  • Vienna roast

  • Guatemala “quetzal”

  • Café femenino peru

  • Hondas “congoion”

  • Nicaragua “segovia”

  • Sumatra “telong”

  • Guatemala “forestal”

  • Ethiopia “yirgacheffe”

Gourmet teas (box of 16) - $8

  • Breakfast blend black

  • Earl grey with lavender

  • Chai spice black

  • Mango ceylon black

  • Green tea with peach

  • Jasmine green

  • Mint green

  • Dragon well green

  • Blackberry hibiscus (herbal)

  • Chamomile mint (herbal)

  • Rooibos w/ vanilla (herbal)

  • Liquorice peppermint (herbal)

Flavored coffee and coffee blends (12 oz bags) -$15

NOTE: Flavored coffee only comes in whole bean

  • Hazelnut flavored

  • French vanilla flavored

  • Cinnamon flavored

  • Amaretto flavored

Decaf coffee and coffee blends (12 oz bags) - $14

  • Decaf espresso

  • Decaf first light blend

  • Decaf peru “cajamarca”

  • Decaf midnight blend

  • Decaf sumatra “telong”

  • Decaf ethiopia “sidamo”