Who Is This Program For?


Tired of putting in countless hours of work in the weight room only to be left in the dust when it comes to the gains you deserve?

Do you want to be bigger, stronger, and have a nutritional plan that will fuel you for peak performance?

If that sounds like you, then we have the exact program you need. 


Our 2 Month Athlete Nutrition Program is for athletes who serious about taking their nutrition and performance to a whole new level:


  • Learn WHAT to eat to achieve your ideal body weight and composition goals

  • Know WHEN to eat certain foods to fuel your performance (speed, power, endurance, etc.)

  • Know what foods are essential to speed up your recovery and regeneration

  • Know what supplements ARE safe to use and which ones ARE NOT safe to use

  • Learn life-long healthy habits that lead to better overall health 

Our Coaching Program Comes with The Following...

Elite Athlete Nutrition Guidebook 

Loaded with nutritional tips and tools to help educate and arm you with all the information you need to know in order to be successful in achieving your performance and physique goals.

Nutrition Game Plan Designed by an Elite Nutritional Coach 

No more guesswork! You can now work with top nutrition coaches to set up your nutritional game plan that is specific to your performance and physique goals.


24/7 Access to Elite Nutritional Coaching Staff 

We are with you every step of the way to ensure you are progressing and achieving maximum results. If you have questions – no problem! We are here to answer any questions you have throughout this whole process.


In-Person Meetings/Consultations 

We will administer three in-person consultations in which we will focus on tracking progress as well as make any necessary changes to ensure we are on the path to success.


Weekly Check-Ins with Your Elite Nutrition Coach 

We will hold our athletes accountable with our weekly check-ins. If you want to achieve your goals, then you must be held accountable and that is exactly what we will do. We will push you and ensure you put in 110% effort to get maximum results.



Ultimately We Will Set Up A System That Will...


- Feed your body with the nutrients it needs to improve your athletic performance (strength, speed, power, etc.)


- Fuel your body with nutrients it needs to allow you to go longer and harder


- Feed your body with the exact nutrients it needs at the exact time to improve recovery, regeneration, and reduce risk for injury


- Give your body the building blocks it needs to build your ideal body composition and weight


Assistant Professor Exercise Physiology

"The training style adapted by Elite Sports Performance is far more advanced than anything else I have ever experienced in a professional setting. Bobby has combined his unique experiences to form a truly advanced training model, meshing together aspects from his own playing experiences, years of real world, "Under the bar" training along with a strong foundation in scientific research and study.​  Bobby's “hybrid” system pairs the latest, most-proven training techniques and injury prevention with a truly enthusiastic, no-nonsense environment, creating an absolutely unparalleled training experience. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Bobby on many performance-based research projects, and I can say, without hesitation, that he is a master of his field.

​Elite is truly ahead of their time and the results are beginning to speak for themselves. I look forward to continuing a professional relationship with Elite for years to come."

"The advancements that Bobby has made with his client population is astounding! He possesses a diverse and strong understanding of the biomechanical aspect of strength training and also offer the nutritional coaching that is necessary for improved health and wellness, which is exceedingly important for individuals today.In addition, Bobby and his staff are continually improving themselves with various certifications so their clientele can achieve goals faster. Goal achievement is what individuals strive for, and   Elite Sports Performance gets results!"

Physical Therapist​​
Father of Gradeschool Athletes

"The most important result that Elite has fostered in my son is the importance of taking care of his body and his independent responsibility in doing so. Even at nine years old, he is making better decisions about his diet and sleeping habits because he realizes that the total mind and body work to perform at the highest levels.


I have the greatest respect for Bob and his staff. They work with all kids in a positive way and hold them accountable for their successes and failures. I want my sons to be coached, pushed, and worked by others who have the best interests of my sons in mind. I know that the Elite staff care for my sons as if they were their own and demand that my sons work to improve their weaknesses and strive for mental focus each day."

John Witherspoon
Father of High School Football & Wrestling Athlete​

I brought my son to Elite so that he could get stronger, faster and build confidence.  We've been part of Elite for for over three years and my son has developed into a great athlete. He is stronger, faster, and more confident than ever and he now has a good shot at playing Collegiate football.  I hightly recommend Elite to every parent I meet that's looking to help their child advance to the next level.

Father of Gradeschool and Highschool Athletes  ​

"Since joining Elite, my son and daughters have gotten much stronger and I've seen them become more confident.  The coaches really care about the athletes and always make sure they give them the properly  the time and attention to ensure they are performing all the exercises correctly.  As an added bonus, the coaches also emphasize other areas such as hard work and academics."

Father of Collegiate Football & Track Athlete​

"Since joining Elite, my boys have shown tremendous improvement in strength, speed, injury prevention, and overall performance in their individual sports. Bobby has created personalized training routines that fit their sport’s performance needs whether it is in-season or off-season. The high level of motivation and individualized attention produces very effective results. There is also a nutritional coaching aspect that Bobby conveys to complete their training philosophy. In the end, the boys love going to the gym and working hard with these guys."

Megan Wolf
Mother of Grade School Athlete

"I wanted to improve Parker's skills outside of his specific sports as well as surround him with positive role models of all ages.  I have seen Parker's confidence improve on and off the field. We also notice a difference in his balance and coordination.

Elite has created a true family environment where Parker can feel good about not necessarily being the strongest or best but because he tries his hardest. He looks up to the older athletes as role models instead of athletes he sees on tv."

Kim Haydu
Mother of Grade School Athletes

"I was not happy with many of the drills and exercises that my daughter’s coaches would have them do.  I wanted my kids to work with coaches who knew how to teach my daughters how to effectively engage in a strength and speed program as well as to reduce risk for injury.  Since joining Elite, I have seen improvements in my daughter’s speed, strength, and motivation.  The coaches do a great job educating their athletes and giving them the tools to be successful."

“I was looking to get stronger overall as well as learn healthy nutritional habits”


“Since joining Elite, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been”


“I’ve learned better eating habits and I was finally able to reach my goal weight for the season”


“Elite is a great program.  They truly care about your success on and off the court and will work hard with you to help you achieve your goals”

Andre Wolford

College Basketball

St. Francis University

 “Before Elite I considered myself a better soccer player than wrestler”


“After 1 year of training at Elite, my strength & power numbers went way up and I saw such a great carryover to the wrestling mat”


“I finished my high school career 42-7 and was a two time 3rd place state finisher”


“I credit a lot of my success to Elite because I never experienced another gym that gives you the unique training experience like they do” 

Alec Schenk

College Wrestling

Duke University

“I came to Elite looking to improve my quickness and overall power for track”


“Since starting, I’ve become faster, my core strength and overall power has improved and my confidence has skyrocketed”


“I came to Elite looking for a gym, but got so much more.  The coaches at Elite push you to better yourself, not only in athletics, but in all areas of life”


“Elite is not just your ordinary gym”

Mischa Sellers

College Track & Field

Bowling Green State University

“I came to Elite because I wanted to put on weight, get stronger, and become faster”


“Elite helped me add 25 pounds of lean muscle mass”


“I got so much stronger in all of my numbers which has helped me tremendously on the football field”


“The coaches at Elite know how to maximize your potential and they are able to connect with you on a personal level”

Brandon Short

College Football

Lehigh University

“I needed to get in the best shape possible before my surgery as I knew it would help speed up my recovery and get me back on the field faster”


“Every session I saw improvements both in my strength levels as well as technique”


“Everyone at Elite is so team oriented and supportive of you”

Ashley Bayer

College Soccer

Edinboro University

“Before Elite I was a slightly above average athlete.  I wanted to play college athletics and knew I had to go above and beyond the rest”


“Within 1 year of joining Elite, I became All-County & Conference for football and All-Ohio for track”


“I achieved my goal of playing college athletics and was actually able to compete in 2 sports”


“I consider Elite, the coaching staff, & it’s members my second family”

Zak Hurd

College Football & Track

Case Western Reserve University

“I wanted to elevate my wrestling skills – specifically my speed, strength, and agility – so that I could wrestle at the next level”


“Each year at Elite I became stronger.  My speed and agility has developed tremendously”


“After joining Elite, I became a state qualifier and achieved my goal of wrestling at the collegiate level”


“Elite helps you reach your true athletic potential”

Nick Sbrocco

College Wrestling

Baldwin Wallace University



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