Our Speed and Strength Program has been designed from the ground up to take you to the next level, whether you’re just going into junior high or about to play in college. 


From day one, you will be given exactly what you need to get results as quickly as possible.


Unlike other programs where kids are left to learn on their own, we make sure every athlete gets the individual attention they need to master these skills and get the most benefit.


With our Speed and Strength Program, you will head into your next season a completely different athlete – better prepared, more confident, and ready to dominate.


Develop blazing speed, reaction, and change of direction to blow past your defenders



Improving explosive power so you can dominate your competition



Meal plans and tips to help fuel, recover, grow, and improve overall health. Weekly meal plans are included for the whole family!



To fill in any nutritional voids as well as to add convenience for the athlete.



Reduce risk for injury and enhance recovery process, we think of it as "bullet-proofing" our athletes



Build confidence, develop mental toughness, as well as set goals and vision.  Ultimately, we look to create Leaders.



Providing knowledge, support, and accountability for the athlete.   We give all our athletes 24/7 access to the Elite Coaching Staff outside of the gym for guidance, questions, and help.accountability





Director of Sports Performance

Hometown: From Newbury and currently live in Willoughby


  • Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology (Kent State)

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist through the ISSN

  • Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist through the IYCA

Playing History/Highlights: Growing up I had an extreme passion for athletics and competition.  I participated in every sport imaginable early in my sporting career.  As I entered high school I decided to focus all my efforts on football and continued to play early into my college career.

Coaching Experience: Started Elite in 2012 and have worked with thousands of athletes ranging from youth through professional

​What you love most about coaching: The relationships you develop working with your athletes.  Watching your athletes develop over the years, both on and off the field, is extremely rewarding.

Biggest Influence In Your Life: My parents have been extremely supportive of me throughout my entire life and have shaped me into the individual that I am today.  I hope to have the same impact on my family and athletes that I work with.

When I'm not coaching I like to: Get together with family, hang out with friends, play flag football, and watch Cleveland sports (and Buckeyes).

Favorite "cheat meal": Growing up I always loved tacos. I also enjoy a good Guinness stout.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world: Jim Tressel.  I've always admired the way he ran his football program as he believed in having an impact on his players both on and off the field.


Sports Performance Coach

Hometown: Chardon


  • Exercise Science Degree from Cleveland State University

Playing History/Highlights: Played football in middle school and high school.

Coaching Experience: I have been volunteering at Elite for about a year now. I also have worked as a trainer for children and teens with Autism.

​What you love most about coaching: Forming relationships with the athletes and seeing their hard work translate into results in the weight room and on the playing field.

Biggest Influence In Your Life: My parents

When I'm not coaching I like to: Hang out with family and friends, workout, watch sports and go to concerts.

Favorite "cheat meal": Maple hot chicken wings with a cold beer.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I have always been fascinated with Astronomy so I would love to ask him a bunch of questions.


Sports Performance Coach

Hometown: Newbury


  • Ohio State University: Human Nutrition Bachelors

  • IYCA Youth Fitness

Playing History/Highlights: 3 years of high school basketball & football. First-team all-conference quarterback. Led team to state playoffs. 2 years of college football: led team in tackles as a RS freshman. Voted by teammates to "Leadership Council."

Coaching Experience: Elite Sports Performance 3 years.

​What you love most about coaching: Challenging and pushing athletes to be the best version of themselves while allowing them to accomplish things they thought could not be done.

Biggest Influence In Your Life: My parents

When I'm not coaching I like to: Play with my dog, Ellie. Weightlift & jog. Watch sports

Favorite "cheat meal": Pizza

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world: Larry David - creator of Seinfeld

Assistant Professor Exercise Physiology

"The training style adapted by Elite Sports Performance is far more advanced than anything else I have ever experienced in a professional setting.


Bobby has combined his unique experiences to form a truly advanced training model, meshing together aspects from his own playing experiences, years of real world, "Under the bar" training along with a strong foundation in scientific research and study.​  


Bobby's “hybrid” system pairs the latest, most-proven training techniques and injury prevention with a truly enthusiastic, no-nonsense environment, creating an absolutely unparalleled training experience. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Bobby on many performance-based research projects, and I can say, without hesitation, that he is a master of his field.

​Elite is truly ahead of their time and the results are beginning to speak for themselves. I look forward to continuing a professional relationship with Elite for years to come."

Paul O..jpg
Physical Therapist​​

"The advancements that Bobby has made with his client population is astounding!


He possesses a diverse and strong understanding of the biomechanical aspect of strength training and also offer the nutritional coaching that is necessary for improved health and wellness, which is exceedingly important for individuals today.


In addition, Bobby and his staff are continually improving themselves with various certifications so their clientele can achieve goals faster.


Goal achievement is what individuals strive for, and   Elite Sports Performance gets results!"

"Before Elite I considered myself a better soccer player than wrestler”
“After 1 year of training at Elite, my strength & power numbers went way up and I saw such a great carryover to the wrestling mat”
“I finished my high school career 42-7 and was a two-time 3rd place state finisher”
“I credit a lot of my success to Elite because I never experienced another gym that gives you the unique training experience like they do” 
Alec Schenk 2.jpg

Alec Schenk

College Wrestling

Duke University

"I came to Elite so I could receive the training I needed to become a better athlete.”
“I have seen a huge improvement in my bench press and I’ve also felt stronger on the ice while skating.”
“I would recommend Elite because the training they provide will help you become stronger, and overall, a better athlete. Also, the coaches are super supportive and experienced in what they do.”
Lauren Bernard 4.jpg

Lauren Bernard

College Hockey

Clarkson University

USA Hockey Team

“I was looking to get stronger overall as well as learn healthy nutritional habits”
“Since joining Elite, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been”
“I’ve learned better eating habits and I was finally able to reach my goal weight for the season”
“Elite is a great program.  They truly care about your success on and off the court and will work hard with you to help you achieve your goals”

Andre Wolford

College Basketball

St. Francis University

“I came to Elite looking to improve my quickness and overall power for track”
“Since starting, I’ve become faster, my core strength and overall power has improved and my confidence has skyrocketed”
“I came to Elite looking for a gym, but got so much more.  The coaches at Elite push you to better yourself, not only in athletics, but in all areas of life”
“Elite is not just your ordinary gym”
Mischa Sellers.jpg

Mischa Sellers

College Track & Field

Bowling Green State University

“I came to Elite to prepare for my upcoming college football combine & bowl game”
“I saw huge improvements in my 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle, broad jump, vertical jump, & finished in the tops for all my events”
“Elite helped me add strength as well as recover from previous injuries”
“I would definitely recommend Elite because they genuinely want to help you reach your potential & make you a better athlete”
Will Davis.jpg

Will Davis 

College Football

Shaw University

“I needed to get in the best shape possible before my surgery as I knew it would help speed up my recovery and get me back on the field faster”
“Every session I saw improvements both in my strength levels as well as technique”
“Everyone at Elite is so team oriented and supportive of you”
Ashley Bayer.jpg

Ashley Bayer

College Soccer

Edinboro University

“Before Elite I was a slightly above average athlete.  I wanted to play college athletics and knew I had to go above and beyond the rest”
“Within 1 year of joining Elite, I became All-County & Conference for football and All-Ohio for track”
“I achieved my goal of playing college athletics and was actually able to compete in 2 sports”
“I consider Elite, the coaching staff, & it’s members my second family”
Zak Hurd.jpg

Zak Hurd

College Football & Track


“I wanted to elevate my wrestling skills – specifically my speed, strength, and agility – so that I could wrestle at the next level”
“Each year at Elite I became stronger.  My speed and agility has developed tremendously”
“After joining Elite, I became a state qualifier and achieved my goal of wrestling at the collegiate level”
“Elite helps you reach your true athletic potential”
Nick Sbrocco.jpg

Nick Sbrocco

College Wrestling

Baldwin Wallace University

“I came to Elite because I wanted to put on weight, get stronger, and become faster”
“Elite helped me add 25 pounds of lean muscle mass”
“I got so much stronger in all of my numbers which has helped me tremendously on the football field”
“The coaches at Elite know how to maximize your potential and they are able to connect with you on a personal level”
Brandon Short.jpg

Brandon Short

College Football

Lehigh University

"I came to Elite to get into shape for soccer season.  I needed to gain strength and become faster"
"I’ve gained muscle mass and my upper arm strength has increased like crazy!"
"Elite provides a great training environment with great people! It holds you accountable and makes you a much better athlete"

Mia Tomaselli

College Soccer

University of Mount Union

"I came to Elite to get my strength back after tearing my ACL and going through knee surgery"
"Since joining Elite, I have become the strongest, fastest, and most explosive I've ever been"
"I would recommend Elite to athletes because Coach Bobby and his staff have pushed me to become a better athlete every time I come in "
Jackson Kelsheimer.jpg

Jackson Kelsheimer

College Basketball

Fairmont State University

"I came to Elite because I wanted to come back from my ankle surgery stronger than I was before and be prepared for college soccer"
"Since joining Elite, I've see a huge improvement in my strength which gives me the confidence I need heading into college soccer"
"I would recommend Elite for the training, but also for the coaching staff. The training environment at Elite is second to none and very positive"
Mary English 2.jpg

Mary English

College Soccer

Edinboro University

"I was looking to become a better overall athlete with a focus on explosiveness and body composition"
"In working with Elite, I've seen my explosiveness sky rocket along with increases in my strength"
"I’ve also seen an improvement in my body fat percentage and overall body composition"
"I would recommend Elite to all athletes.  Coach Bobby and the rest of Team Elite have a great understanding and knowledge of how to truly better their athletes"


David Albert.jpg

David Albert 

College Football

University of Akron

"I was looking to get faster and stronger for baseball"
"Since joining Elite I have seen huge improvements in my hitting power as well as my speed around the bases and outfield"
"I chose Elite because it was unique to every other gym I’ve been to.  The coaches really care about you and your success"
"I would absolutely recommend Elite because the results speak for themselve.  Athletes continue to come back because the program gets results"
Dan Liberatore.jpg

Dan Liberatore 

College Baseball

Walsh University

“I needed to get stronger, faster, and improve in my track events in order to compete at the next level”
“Since joining Elite, I have cut down 3 seconds in my 200 and I jumped 3 inches higher in the high jump”
“Elite has allowed me to not only achieve my goals, but surpass them”
“I love the atmosphere and the people I get to meet being a part of Elite”
rachel wenzel.jpg

Rachel Wenzel

College Track & Field

Cleveland State University

“Since joining Elite, I've seen huge improvements in my overall strength and performance which has given me a huge competitive edge against my opponents. 
“I have developed a very consistent routine that began when I first walked into Elite. Since then, I have received honors such as Most Valuable Player - South Region, First Team All-South, and Second Team All American for hockey.”
“I would highly recommend Elite for other athletes because of the welcoming and competitive atmosphere it provides. Along with developing your skills and strength, Bobby also provides nutrition guidance and many other aspects of sports performance.”
Kyle Horvath.jpg

Kyle Horvath

College Hockey

Florida Gulf Coast University


I brought my son to Elite so that he could get stronger, faster and build confidence.  We've been part of Elite for for over three years and my son has developed into a great athlete. He is stronger, faster, and more confident than ever and he now has a good shot at playing Collegiate football.  I hightly recommend Elite to every parent I meet that's looking to help their child advance to the next level.

John Witherspoon
Father of High School Football & Wrestling Athlete​

"Since joining Elite, my son and daughters have gotten much stronger and I've seen them become more confident.  The coaches really care about the athletes and always make sure they give them the properly  the time and attention to ensure they are performing all the exercises correctly.  As an added bonus, the coaches also emphasize other areas such as hard work and academics."

Father of Gradeschool and Highschool Athletes  ​

"Since joining Elite, my boys have shown tremendous improvement in strength, speed, injury prevention, and overall performance in their individual sports. Bobby has created personalized training routines that fit their sport’s performance needs whether it is in-season or off-season.


The high level of motivation and individualized attention produces very effective results. There is also a nutritional coaching aspect that Bobby conveys to complete their training philosophy. In the end, the boys love going to the gym and working hard with these guys."

Father of Collegiate Football & Track Athlete​