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With our Elite Baseball Development Program, we offer customized training plans and work with our players to fully develop and fine-tune their techniques.

We offer pitching, hitting and catching focused sessions where we use data to drive our drill focus throughout the training period and reach each individual's goals.

Our program works well for youth athletes (6-12 yrs) as well as advanced athletes (13+ yrs). 


  • 5-6 pm Youth Pitching

  • 6-7 pm Advanced Pitching

  • 6:30-7:30 pm Youth Hitting

  • 7-8 pm Advanced Pitching



  • 4-5 pm Youth Pitching 


  • 5-6 pm Youth Pitching

  • 6-7 pm: Catching 

  • 6-7 pm Youth Hitting 



  • 4-5 pm Advanced Pitching 


  • 1-2 pm Advanced Hitting 

  • 2-3 pm Youth Hitting 

Click the link below to register or fill out our form to get more info on the program.

private baseball instruction

Work privately 1-on-1 or in a small group (if you have friends/teammates) with one of our baseball instructors.


Contact us today to get more info and to get set up with a baseball instructor.



“I was looking to improve my physical skill as well as my baseball knowledge”
“The coaches at Elite Baseball proved to be extremely knowledgeable & passionate”
“Working with the Elite Baseball has elevated my game which has allowed me to achieve my goal of playing D1 baseball”
“I would absolutely recommend the Elite Baseball Program to any athlete that is serious about playing at the next level”

Sammy Frontino.jpg

Sammy Frontino

College Baseball

University of Pittsburgh

“I came to Elite to help improve my strength and velocity and my goal was to increase in velocity”


“I’ve seen myself throw more strikes and my velocity had jumped over 10 miles per hour”


“I would highly recommend Elite.  The coaches are very accepting and very informative, they help you create a program to help you better your game”


Brendan Collins

College Baseball

University of Toledo

 “I knew I had to properly prepare in the off-season to refine my technique as well as achieve more consistency with my pitching”


“Elite Baseball has allowed me to have much better control with ball placement & with throwing more strikes”


“I’ve improved my leg & core strength as well as my overall consistency”


“I attribute a lot of my success to Coach Mark & the program he has assembled” 

Nick Beck.jpg

Nick Beck

College Baseball

Capital University

“My goals included increasing velocity & movement in my pitches as well as improving my bat power & eye at the plate”


“In just one year my velocity has increased 15 mph, I’ve had much better batting approaches, & I’m driving the ball much farther now”


“Coach Bill, Mark, & the Elite Baseball Program have taken my baseball skills to an elite level & I am now in a great position to play baseball in college”

Joe Smith 2.jpg

Joe Smith

College  Baseball

John Carroll University

“I came to Elite because I wanted to improve the consistency of my mechanics, gain arm strength, and take drills I learned that would help me presently and into the future.


“I have improved physically but also mentally and knowing how to handle both parts of the game. I can consistently throw any pitch at any time due to the help from the staff at Elite.”


“I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be prepared to play at the collegiate level. ”

Jared Ferenchak.jpg

Jared Ferenchak

College  Baseball

Wilmington College

“I knew I wasn’t reaching my potential and I needed to get bigger, stronger, throw harder, hit further, & improve my mental approach to the game”


“Since joining Elite Baseball, I’ve went from 160 lbs throwing high 60’s to 185 lbs now throwing 85 mph”


“The program is organized very well with knowledgeable coaches who have played at the highest level”


“This program has helped me tremendously & I highly recommend it”

Sam Melnyk.jpg

Sam Melnyk

College Baseball


“I came to Elite to develop better mastery and control over my pitches."


“Since working with Elite, I saw improvement in my control and movement of my pitches.”


“I would definitely recommend the Elite Baseball Program as they are very knowledgeable and genuinely want to provide direction and guidance in the goal of improvement in skill.”



Aidan Mlachak

College Baseball

Walsh University

"I came to Elite because I needed to form better pitching habits and mechanics as well as gain velocity."


“Working with the staff here, I noticed that I have thrown the ball harder and my command has been a lot better. I also feel like my mechanics and footwork have helped me reach the next level."


"I would recommend the Elite Baseball Program - all of the coaches have a great knowledge for the game and help you train so you can perform at the highest level."


Danny Strenk.jpg

Danny Strenk

College Baseball

Walsh University

I came to Elite because I knew they had a great pitching program and coaching staff"


“I improved off speed development as well as command of all my pitches. Coach Sank taught me the majority of what I know mentally as a pitcher on how to attack hitters."


"I would recommend the Elite Baseball Program to anyone looking to improve their pitching. Coach Sankovich and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable of the game and develop you both physically and mentally.” 


Joe Dimattio.jpg

Joe DiMattio

College Baseball


"I came to Elite because I was looking to increase my batting power."


“In working with the staff at Elite, my batting exit velocity increased by 5 miles per hour."


"I would recommend this program and the coaches because the coaches push you to do your very best and they desire to help you be the best athlete you can be.” 


Logan Vachet.jpg

Logan Vachet

College Baseball


"I came to Elite to work on my pitching - I was looking to  gain velocity as well as develop some new pitches."


“I have seen huge boosts both physically and mentally. I went from throwing low 70s to low -mid 80s."


"From a mental standpoint, I now know how to handle both parts of the game. I feel extremely confident in throwing any pitch at any time due to the help from the staff at Elite.” 


Clay Anderson.jpg

Clay Anderson

College Baseball

Baldwin Wallace

"I came to Elite because I wanted to work on my all-around baseball mechanics"


“I have become a better player by improving at all aspects of the game from pitching to hitting to fielding."


"I would recommend Elite because the coaches focus on me as an individual and care about how I am developing as opposed to forcing a generic program on me.” 


Mason Schwartz.jpg

Mason Schwartz

College Baseball

Chatham University

"I came to Elite looking to throw harder, get stronger, and get faster. Coach Bobby, Coach Sank, and Coach Jared are some of the best guys to be around when trying to achieve goals."


"Before my senior year of high school was cut short I had gained 4 mph in just a 5 week throwing program. Obviously didn’t end up playing, but Elite got me ready to go into the high school season and dominate."


"I’d recommend training at Elite because of how hard all the coaches work for you. It’s a special environment which they want to get you better just as much as you want to get better." 

Sammy Schuster.jpg

Sammy Schuster

College Baseball

Washington & Jefferson 

"My goals were to get stronger and play on a competitive team that help push me to be a better player."


"I have improved my hitting tools, hitting for average and power. I am also a faster runner since joining the program."


"I would recommend Elite because they provide a great indoor facility along with coaching giving you the ability to get extra work in when needed."


Jared Hall.jpg

Jared Hall

College Baseball

Shepherd University

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