We've put together our COVID19 Policy, Procedures, and Protocols and wanted to share it with you so that you can be updated with everything we will be doing on our end, as well as protocols we expect our clients to follow, to ensure we are able to provide a safe training environment.  


You can find that document here: COVID19 Policy, Procedures, and Protocols




We've also put together a new training class schedule that will include morning options with kids being out of school. 


You can view our schedule here: Elite Schedule


We will also schedule our private training sessions/lessons as normal.  If you need to schedule private training please contact your coach and we can get that set up for you.




Lastly, as part of our COVID19 Protocol, we need everyone to sign our updated waiver forms including a section on COVID19.  These need to be completed before anyone can re-start their training with us.


You can find the waiver here:



We have been working diligently to ensure a smooth and safe re-opening.  We not only take pride in providing our athletes with effective training programs, but also in providing them with a safe training environment.   

  • We have thoroughly cleaned our facility and will continue to stay on top of our cleaning and sanitization.  Thanks for Vegan Cleaning Services for helping out with our cleaning!

  • To make it easier for our athletes to keep 6+ feet social distancing, we have set up social distancing markers and lines 

  • We will supply each athlete with their own individual mini spray bottle and towel to use during their session for proper sanitization.

  • We have COVID19 Guidelines posted throughout the facility to help reinforce all of our guidelines

If you have any questions on anything always feel free to reach out - Contact Us (click here)


All the best,

Coach Bobby


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