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looking for a high-quality space to rent for your team?

At Elite, we offer the perfect private space for your sports team. Our versatile turfed space can accommodate a variety of sports, from soccer and football to lacrosse and more. 


Best of all, you and your team will have the whole facility to yourself.  You will not be sharing any space with any other group/team.  Unlike other rental facilities, we give you a 100% distraction-free facility to allow maximum coaching and attention from your athletes.

We offer 2 facility rental options (both would be separate and private units).  

Main Turf Facility Specs:

  • Option 1 is our main turf area which is about 2,700 sq ft - about 34 ft (11 yards) wide by 75 ft (25 yards) long.  This option is great for all ages and larger groups/teams.

Secondary Turf Facility Specs:

  • Option 2 is our secondary turf which is in the unit with our weight room.  This turf is roughly 1,200 sq ft - 23 ft (7.5 yards) wide by 51ft (17 yards)  long.  This option will work well for smaller groups/teams or teams with younger athletes.

Rental Options:

  • 60, 90, and 120-minute rental options

  • Single rentals and package options

 Simply fill out our form and let us know your needs and we can send you more info.



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