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What Can We Help You With?

  • Weight Loss & Fat Loss

  • Sports Performance – Nutrition Plan for those training for races/events/sports.

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy – Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, etc.


What Does Nutrition Coaching Look Like? 

  • Learn how to properly fuel your body

  • Macronutrient assessment and what you need to reach your goals

  • Meal planning

  • Discuss barriers to healthy eating

  • Setting up your house/daily routine for success

  • Sample grocery list

  • Accountability with Brittany as your Dietitian & Nutrition Coach!



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Brittany Cermak, MS, RDN, LD

Founder & CEO - Your Life Nutrition, LLC

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Hometown: Parma, Ohio


  • Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Ashland University '15

  • Masters of Science in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University '16

  • Completed Dietetic Internship at the Cleveland VA Medical Center

  • Certified Online Dietitian Nutrition Coach

  • Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year in Ohio 2019

Playing History/Highlights: I have been a swimmer & a runner since middle school; competed on travel swim teams through high school; competed on the Triathlon Team in college and qualified for the USA Triathlon Nationals in 2013 (which was an Olympic trial) for the Olympic Distance triathlon which was a race of a 1 Mile Swim, 24.8 Mile Bike and 6.2 Mile Run!

Coaching Experience: I have been a Registered Dietitian since 2016.

​What you love most about coaching: I Love helping others become the BEST version of themselves and reaching their health, performance, weight loss and fat loss goals all through the POWER OF NUTRITION!

Biggest Influence In Your Life: My Dad - who is the most selfless and hard working person ever! He never missed one of my competitions and he pushed me to start my own business!

When I'm not coaching I like to: I love going on walks, exploring new areas, hiking, trying new recipes and spending time with friends & family!

Favorite "cheat meal": I like to talk about treating - not cheating ;) BUT - love a Burger with blue cheese, mushrooms and onions along with a stack of hot & crispy fries! YUM!

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world: My Great Aunt Veronica who everyone in the family says that I got her cooking & baking skills and we make many of her recipes often!


“Brittany is great! She knows what she’s talking about and was able to cater a dietary / nutritional plan to fit my needs.


I enjoy doing triathletes and was trying to lose a certain amount of weight without depriving my body of the nutrients and fuel needed to get through the hard training sessions and races.


Brittany provided a ton of helpful information from suggested dietary plans for different stages of training and suggested certain foods I should focus on as well as stay away from. Her knowledge and application to someone doing triathlons was very impressive and I’d definitely recommend her!”


Patrick Polomsky

“I had the good fortune to have a consult with Brittany this past year. She is intelligent and incredibly passionate about her job and her clients. Brittany will supply you with practical, useful information, help you get motivated to change your lifestyle and eating habits (gives you actual meal plans), and follows up to keep you on the right track. I would recommend her to all who want to take control of their diet and their health!”


Peggy Bruening

When I first started, my only goal was to gain weight, which Brittany helped me do in a nourishing way. However, along the way, I learned about the positive effects of fueling your body properly. I had so much energy, which allowed me to be more productive during the day and have better workouts. But most importantly, I became so much happier and significantly improved my mental health. It became less about what I looked like and more about how I felt. And let me tell you, I feel very strong, powerful, confident, and very in control of my life and body.


Brittany E.

“Brittany is the best, she has a wonderful personality. Her knowledge is astounding and real life. She offers lots of options and nothing that isn’t already in your kitchen. I just started my 6 month plan a few weeks ago and am doing great. She’s on point with checking in on accountability day if I have not. I enjoy her!”


Michelle Kitchen

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