Developing healthy, active, and growth-minded kids

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Our Sports Camps give kids the opportunity get out of the house and hang out at Elite Sports Performance.


These fun-filled camps place an emphasis on the following:

  • Get kids active and improve fitness level

  • Learn hard work, teamwork, and improve communication skills

  • Improve coordination, body control & awareness

  • Improve speed, agility, and overall movement technique

We will provide the kids with organized and structured games, competitions, challenges, and workouts that allow us to work on all of the above - while ensuring the kids have a blast!

WHO: All children (boys and girls) between the ages of 6-13

WHAT: President's Day Youth Sports Camp

WHERE: Elite Sports Performance (7686 St. Clair Ave.  Mentor, OH 44060)

WHEN: Monday, Feb. 18th from 11 AM - 2 PM (3-hour camp)

WHY: Rather than sit at home all day on your day off from school, come on up to Elite for a fun-filled and ACTIVE day.


PRICE: Just $59 for this 3-hour camp! 

You can sign your child/children up by clicking the link below:

Commonly asked questions about this event:


Do I need to pack any food or will food be provided?
We will provide a 30-minute snack break for the kids.  During this time we will cover various nutrition principles with the kids to help educate them on healthy eating choices.  We ask that you have your child fed before they arrive to the camp as well as pack a snack for your them.

What type of games, competitions, and workouts will the kids be partaking in?
We will provide a variety of activities for the kids which may include

  • Obstacle courses (aimed at improving body control, coordination, and critical thinking)

  • Youth-based workouts (incorporating bodyweight exercises, band exercises, and speed/agility exercises)

  • Sports games (touch football, wiffleball, basketball, crab soccer, etc.) 

  • Nutrition topics will be covered during the 30-minute snack break

Will there be any weight lifting?

We will not be engaging in any type of weight lifting exercises.  We may use bands, medicine balls, and push sleds as part of the workout/games (we use these regularly with our youth athletes).  We may also engage in speed/agility drills that incorporate speed ladders and cones on our turf.

What type of coaching/supervision will there be?

We will have 2 Elite coaches working with kids at the camp.  Both coaches will provide supervision to ensure kid's safety and that each kid is properly participating in each game, challenge, or workout.  Our goal is to keep the kids safe, ensure they are having fun, and coach them up to improve.

What does my child need to bring?
Please have your child dressed in athletic clothing and tennis shoes.  We also ask that your child brings some water and a snack as we will be providing water breaks between games/challenges as well as 30-minute snack break. 


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