Our Youth Athlete Speed and Strength Program is for young athletes (7-10 years old) looking to get started with structured speed, coordination, and strength training.


In this program, your athlete will work with professional Youth Conditioning Coaches to develop fundamental movement skills that will help them play with more confidence now and give them a foundation they can build on later.


This foundation will make it easier for them to learn new & more complex sport-specific skills as they get older.


Your athlete will:

  • Learn how to warm up properly so they can avoid injury

  • Get faster and build endurance by discovering proper running techniques

  • React quicker and move more naturally by learning how to stop and change direction

  • Develop better body awareness, control, and coordination

  • Learn how to strength train the right way so they will play better now – and be ready for junior high

  • Learn how to be a stronger leader and better teammate so they will get the respect of all their coaches and teachers 

Our philosophy to developing Elite Youth Athletes...

Our approach to training young athletes is a slow and steady one that produces a consistent and continuous improvement over time, which in return fosters a passion for exercising and healthy living.


Our Youth Athletic Development Program builds a foundation for our young athlete and sets the stage for them to reach long-term athletic success.


This long-term athletic development concept involves exposing our young athletes to as many different types of movements and game-like exercises to help the athlete learn and fully develop their motor skills as well as improve speed, change of direction, and strength.


Developing this movement and strength foundation is imperative and essential before moving on to a more advanced system of training. 


At Elite Sports Performance, we firmly believe in this long-term athletic development approach and look to instill its values in all of our young athletes. 





Director of Sports Performance

Hometown: From Newbury and currently live in Willoughby


  • Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology (Kent State)

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist through the ISSN

  • Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist through the IYCA

Playing History/Highlights: Growing up I had an extreme passion for athletics and competition.  I participated in every sport imaginable early in my sporting career.  As I entered high school I decided to focus all my efforts on football and continued to play early into my college career.

Coaching Experience: Started Elite in 2012 and have worked with thousands of athletes ranging from youth through professional

​What you love most about coaching: The relationships you develop working with your athletes.  Watching your athletes develop over the years, both on and off the field, is extremely rewarding.

Biggest Influence In Your Life: My parents have been extremely supportive of me throughout my entire life and have shaped me into the individual that I am today.  I hope to have the same impact on my family and athletes that I work with.

When I'm not coaching I like to: Get together with family, hang out with friends, play flag football, and watch Cleveland sports (and Buckeyes).

Favorite "cheat meal": Growing up I always loved tacos. I also enjoy a good Guinness stout.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world: Jim Tressel.  I've always admired the way he ran his football program as he believed in having an impact on his players both on and off the field.


Sports Performance Coach

Hometown: Chardon


  • Exercise Science Degree from Cleveland State University

Playing History/Highlights: Played football in middle school and high school.

Coaching Experience: I have been volunteering at Elite for about a year now. I also have worked as a trainer for children and teens with Autism.

​What you love most about coaching: Forming relationships with the athletes and seeing their hard work translate into results in the weight room and on the playing field.

Biggest Influence In Your Life: My parents

When I'm not coaching I like to: Hang out with family and friends, workout, watch sports and go to concerts.

Favorite "cheat meal": Maple hot chicken wings with a cold beer.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I have always been fascinated with Astronomy so I would love to ask him a bunch of questions.


"The most important result that Elite has fostered in my son is the importance of taking care of his body and his independent responsibility in doing so. Even at nine years old, he is making better decisions about his diet and sleeping habits because he realizes that the total mind and body work to perform at the highest levels.


I have the greatest respect for Bob and his staff. They work with all kids in a positive way and hold them accountable for their successes and failures. I want my sons to be coached, pushed, and worked by others who have the best interests of my sons in mind. I know that the Elite staff care for my sons as if they were their own and demand that my sons work to improve their weaknesses and strive for mental focus each day."


"Since joining Elite, my son and daughters have gotten much stronger and I've seen them become more confident.  The coaches really care about the athletes and always make sure they give them the properly  the time and attention to ensure they are performing all the exercises correctly.  As an added bonus, the coaches also emphasize other areas such as hard work and academics."


"I wanted to improve Parker's skills outside of his specific sports as well as surround him with positive role models of all ages.  I have seen Parker's confidence improve on and off the field. We also notice a difference in his balance and coordination.

Elite has created a true family environment where Parker can feel good about not necessarily being the strongest or best but because he tries his hardest. He looks up to the older athletes as role models instead of athletes he sees on tv."


"I wanted my kids to work with coaches who knew how to teach my daughters how to effectively engage in a strength and speed program as well as to reduce the risk for injury.  Since joining Elite, I have seen improvements in my daughter’s speed, strength, and motivation.  The coaches do a great job educating their athletes and giving them the tools to be successful."