Split Squat 🚀 Vertical Jumps

Split Squat Jumps are a great plyometric (jumping) exercise for athletes as it helps to develop 💥 power from the split squat position

In athletics, athletes rarely have the time to get in the proper vertical jump position and must jump in reaction to their opponent, ball in the air, etc. Because of this, we must train the body from various stances or foot positions (with the split stance being one of them)

With our plyometric training we look to:

✔️ Improve our athletes ability to recruit as much power as quickly as possible (dynamic effort method)

✔️ Teach our athletes the proper total body (yes jumping is a total body movement, not just lower body) movement/jumping technique to position their bodies so that they can generate max power output

✔️ Teach our athletes the proper landing technique to reduce wear and tear on joints (reduce risk for injury)

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